About Us

What We Do?

Head Bid is one of the best technology platforms that facilitate “Bidding”, which covers buying and selling of online media advertising inventory for publishers, advertisers, and of course, advertising networks. We propel publishers to improve their monetization tactics to get a growth in the bottom line. Our dedicated team of developers, engineers, and digital media experts have been devoting hours in research to build and improve our Ad Exchange platform to offer better results to the requirements of content publishers, brands, and agencies. Our main focus is to help publishers in enhancing their revenues by optimizing the value of their impressions.

“We strive to remain ahead in the race by improving display advertising for our publishers”

Consider us as a valuable platform with chief motto of boosting the value of every ad slot on the internet. We strive to help publishers in finding the perfect balance between a profitable website and an excellent user experience. We extend our helping hand to eliminate multiple banner ads from the website to let publisher focus on the content for a better user experience. As far as advertisers benefit is concerned, their well-crafted ad creatives are served on sites with a content-to-ad-ratio, which is a win-win situation for any advertiser. Our mission is to demystify the ad tech industry and the world of programmatic advertising.

Our Story

After having extensive managerial and technological experience in Ad tech industry, our co-founders conceptualized of forming a company that could serve and resolve issues of publishers and advertisers. Their years of experience have led them to observe that many online readers are unhappy with the experience, which results in a decreased advertising revenue. So they have come up with an idea of creating website “Head Bid” that provides solution to both publishers and advertisers. Headbid.com is one destination for offering a technological solution to publishers to improve user experience, enhance advertising revenue while easily accessible on the web. With this vision in mind, they have created “Head Bid”, which is being used by many publishers around the globe and serving millions of daily impressions to online users.

Core Values


We strive for excellence by putting questions to find out the brainwave for improvement


We believe that both demand and supply partners should be able to see the information needed to pull off success and to increase the value of every transaction.


We believe that we are a valuable source to our partner’s sales team by connecting sites with our top demand partners and remind them to bid.