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What is Header Bidding?

Header Bidding is a new and improved technology that allows publishers to conduct unified auction outside of their primary ad server, which permits advertisers to cherry-pick impressions that are at the highest priority. In technical terms, this is sometimes termed as “first look”. Initially, ad space was auctioned off and delivered only when the ad placements began to load on a web page. In simple words, once the web page’s ad placements started to load, only then the publisher’s ad server was called up.

This auction will enhance the impressions at a higher CPM rate and the reason behind it is the multiple demand partners that are competing for the placement in real-time instead of having a single waterfall ad bidding for that impression. By removing traditional waterfall sequences, the publishers could get benefited with the fast page loading of their website. Only one ad call can fill up multiple placements on a single web page.

Importance of Header Bidding

Maximizes Yield

By just integrating one header bidding partner, a publisher can get increased up to 10% in yield.

Reduces Latency

Eliminating a large number of ad requests could lead to fast page load time which gives a better user experience.

Removes Passbacks

All the Passbacks gets eliminated as demand sources will win as demand sources will win impressions with the highest bid.

A Simple Line of Code

Passbacks are eliminated as demand sources will win impressions with the highest bid.


Twice the revenue


Outperforms ADX by up to 60%


Triple the speed


Up to 65% increase in CPMs

3 Easy Steps to Header Bidding

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